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Charles Manson

Charles Manson was born on 12 November 1934 at 16:40 (Rodden Rating: AA; Collector: Schofield) in Cincinnati Ohio with Jupiter in Scorpio and Saturn in Aquarius. His chart is notable for its stellium in Scorpio and its abundance of harsh aspects including a dissociate grand cross. His Sun/Venus conjunction in Scorpio is trine to Pluto in Leo and sextile to his Mars/Neptune conjunction in Virgo. Born to an unmarried 16 old mother, his early childhood is shrouded in mystery. He did not even have a name for the first few weeks of his life and was simply called "No name". His mother was a heavy drinker and once sold her infant son for a pitcher of beer. His uncle managed to retrieve him several days later.

Jupiter in Scorpio pupils are very perceptive and generally have a very good grip on the psychological make-up of other people. They thrive on intense experiences and need to live life on the edge. To them, dicing with death is the fastest way to meet God. The Jupiter-Uranus opposition which runs along his ascendant/descendant axis heightens this characteristic. As I wrote in "Growing Pains":

"Scratch the surface of some commotion, and you’re likely to find they have been involved somehow. For the next drama, you’ll have to scratch even deeper because they are learning the art of evasion. Eventually, you’ll nd no trace of their involvement because they’ve set someone else up to be the fall guy. On the flip side, there will inevitably be pupils who are terrified of their own power. They are frightened of change because they have learned that where there is gain, there is a loss attached. Someone they love dies and they inherit money, they meet the love of their life but endure years of abuse (both given and received) or they indulge in their occult fantasies only to be sucked into the abyss. They love mysteries, “unsolvable” puzzles and, pointed in the right direction, they love to research. "

Saturn in Aquarius pupils are very much like Victor Frankenstein: they have difficulty accepting that rules exist to protect them. These pupils "have to learn to be accountable for their actions and be ready to accept that if they bend a few rules, they will have to bite the bullet and accept the consequences. is is a hard lesson for all pupils, but especially so for Saturn in Aquarius pupils who get it into their heads that they are not really human and therefore don’t have to follow the same rules humans do."

Jupiter and Saturn pretty much encapsulate the man who would become Charles Manson. But enroute to maturity, he was a boy who was frequently in trouble. His mother and uncle were sent to prison around the time of his first Jupiter opposition and her return to him around the time of his first Jupiter return was his sole happy childhood memory. His mother tried to have him adopted but was unsuccessful. He was sent away to a school but ran away to be back with his mother. She rejected him.

From this point, he began burgling stores to obtain rent money. He was caught and sent to a juvenile centre during the time between his first Jupiter return and final Saturn opposition. By the time of his next Jupiter opposition at 18, he was sent to a more secure reformatory. He was paroled two years later for good behaviour.

As Saturn crossed his Sun-Venus conjunction, he married a waitress and supported her doing odd jobs and stealing cars. He was sent to prison again and by the time he was set free in March 1957, she was living with another man with their young son as Neptune transited his descendant and natal Mercury. For the next couple of years he pimped young girls (and even married one of them once his divorce came through) but couldn't keep out of trouble. Imprisoned again, his second wife divorced him and by the time of his release date in 1967, he had spent more than half of his 32 years on the planet incarcerated. 

Manson moved to Haight-Ashbury after his release from prison and established himself as a guru as the North Node transited his ascendant and Neptune transited the stellium in Scorpio. According to biographer Simon Willis, "Manson had a dynamic personality with an ability to read a person's weakness and 'play' them". Pretty descriptive of Jupiter in Scorpio which had just transited his natal Pluto in 1967 the year his 'family' began to gather. Manson had predicted a "Helter Skelter" which was an apocalyptic war arising from increasing racial tension. The Family his in the desert working on an coded, 'world changing' album and listening to Manson talking about revolution.

As Saturn transited his 12th house and crossed Manson's ascendant as The Family entered its murderous phase. Even after his arrest, from his prison cell, Manson continued to have a hold on them: in 1975, Squeaky Fromme attempted to assassinate US president Gerald Ford as Saturn transited his natal Pluto.

On 17 November 2014, it was announced that Manson has procured a marriage licence. Transiting Jupiter was exactly in opposition to his natal Saturn in Aquarius. Although he escaped a death sentence, Manson has been denied parole 12 times as of the date of this blog.

About the Astrologer

Alex Trenoweth, DFAstrolS, MAPAI is an MA graduate of the Cultural Astronomy and Astrology course at Bath Spa University (2007) and has gained recognition as an outstanding schoolteacher for her tireless and innovative education of adolescents. Her unique expertise in both astrology and teaching, coupled with ground-breaking research, led her to her write Growing Pains, a book aimed at helping parents and teachers support and guide young people into maturity. Alex’s articles have appeared in astrological magazines across the globe and in addition to her many writing accomplishments, she was voted “Best International Astrologer, 2015” by the Krishnamuti Institute of Astrology in India for the energetic presentation of her original and thought-provoking investigation into astrology and education. As of October 2015, Alex is on a world tour, lecturing on a variety of astrological topics and is enjoying meeting other astrologers from different cultures. The articles on serial killers are a part of the case studies that will be presented in her next book due for release later this year.

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