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World Wide Web

Examining the "birth" chart for an event can help us understand the nature of it and of course giving it the Growing Pains treatment tells us how it develops.

The world wide web was activated on 6 September 1991 at 16:00 (Rodden Rating: AA; Collector: Castellans) with Jupiter in Leo and Saturn in Aquarius. By the way it's the same year that mass killer Elliot Rodger, who used the world wide wed to spread his "manifesto", was born.

To help understand Jupiter, it is often easier to imagine the God Zeus in the clothes of the sign he's in. In Leo he is like a movie star: basking in the camera flashes of the paparazzi. He thrives and learns by being admired, perhaps even being worshipped by the minions. In mythology, Zeus seduced Danae by turning himself into a shower of gold, the metal of the Sun (ruling Jupiter in Leo) and from their union Perseus was born*.

The downside of Jupiter in Leo is that this type of learner suffers from a very unhealthy dose of hubris. As I point out in Growing Pains:

Jupiter in Leo learners usually have the idea that they know better than everyone else — whether or not they actually disclose this or keep it to themselves. If you’re their teacher, you’ll be treated like their hired help. Let this idea persist and you’ll be running around for them, retrieving pens, crayons, extra paper and hairspray so they look good for school photos. 

Indeed our reliance on the world wide web has lead to misinformation, over accreditation and far too many cat photos. But we love it all the same.

Saturn in Aquarius also serves to define our fascination with the world wide web. Again, I quote from the book:

To understand these pupils, you need to understand Victor Frankenstein. Victor was a bright pupil who got it into his head he could do things better than his teachers. Eventually, he got it into his head he could do better than God, so he decided to replicate human life. And it was a disaster, not because it didn’t work but because by breaking a few little old rules (like grave-robbing for body parts, driving himself insane with exhaustion and enraging the church for starters), his experiment turned out a lot better than he thought it would. The creature could learn to speak and read, for example. He was also incredibly ugly and no-one liked him but hey-ho. The creature was harshly judgemental of Victor who had created him then abandoned him thus leaving him to learn the cruel rules of society without any sort of parental support. Saturn in Aquarius pupils have to learn to be accountable for their actions and be ready to accept that if they bend a few rules, they will have to bite the bullet and accept the consequences. It is a hard lesson for all pupils, but especially so for Saturn in Aquarius pupils who get it into their heads that they are not really human and therefore don’t have to follow the same rules humans do. 

The internet is not a perfect creation and as every pupil knows, it is not a replacement for good, old fashioned research unless one knows where to look and what to quote (without copying and pasting!!) .

As a teacher, I am concerned with the effects the internet has on our children and in particular that electronic gadgets have become a sort of pseudo parent--like a high tech babysitter. I've also been alarmed that the web is impossible to monitor. Kids can access all manner of sites that are completely unsuitable. New studies on the effects of social media reveals that too much time spent on the internet comparing own life to the pretty picture painted by others can lead to depression.

One person who understands the harmful effects of the world wide wed is Caitlin Upton who was a beauty queen contestant in September 2007. Caitlin has Jupiter in Gemini and Saturn in its dignity in Capricorn. Jupiter in Gemini pupils often feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information available to them and can struggle to choose valuable information.

To Jupiter in Gemini learners, the enormous library is both heaven and hell. It is heaven because they know that books are the key to getting on in this world. Viewed this way, books hold all the information people need to know to be successful, respected and, most importantly, knowledgeable. To these learners, knowledge is God — and they see God as a harsh judge of those who don’t read. The enormous library becomes a hell of feeling obligated to read every book in preparation for the Big Book Review that God will ask them to write one day. 

The youtube clip of her nonsensical answer to a pageant question went viral (as she can now make fun of herself, I have added the link). On 5 December 2015, she reported that the subsequent bullying she endured caused her to consider suicide. Caitlin's Neptune/Saturn conjunction sits on the Uranus/Neptune/North Node of the world wide web's chart with transiting Uranus opposing her planets in Pisces and conjunct to the world wide web's planets in Virgo as the world took the collective mick. It's so easy to forget that real humans can suffer real anguish at the hands of distant strangers. But with Jupiter in Virgo transiting those same planets, we have the opportunity to consider the harm being done and do something about. Pluto has also recently transited the "natal" Uranus and Neptune of this event chart. I hope by discussing the inhumanness of the internet, we can gain a better way of making it work for us.

About the Astrologer

Alex Trenoweth was voted Best International Astrologer, 2015 for her dynamic presentation on Astrology and Education. Her book, "Growing Pains" is an exciting development in astrology as it combines classroom teaching experience, sound research and the potential to have a positive impact on struggling adolescents, parents, teachers and those who have been labelled "at risk". For queries, consultations or syndications, please contact Alex via or leave a message in the comment section.

*On a side note, I have to point out that Perseus is the name of one of my kitty cats

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