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Bono and The Great Conjunctions

Paul David Hewson (we know him better as Bono) was born on 10 May 1960 at 2:00am in Dublin, Ireland (Rodden rating: A; Collector: Rodden) with both Jupiter and Saturn in hard working Capricorn. Other celebrities born in 1960 include Hugh Grant, Jeremy Clarkson, Julianne Moore and Jennifer Grey.

Although too far apart in orb to be considered conjunct, the fact that Jupiter and Saturn are so close together means that transiting planets will treat them as such. Jupiter finds it difficult to express itself fully in the rather strict terms of the sign of Capricorn. As I wrote in "Growing Pains":

"Pupils with Jupiter in Capricorn have a frighteningly realistic view of life. They know there’s a time to party and a time to clean up. They will go hell for leather in the playground and then settle down quickly for lessons." 

With the growth factor inhibited in Capricorn, it isn't until the first Jupiter return that the nature of this Jupiter placement becomes evident. Again, from "Growing Pains":

(At the Jupiter return) "They become like the elder statesmen and women of their class. They will be the voice of authority, reason and if they can lose their “boring” status, they will hold posts of responsibility that will benefit all they serve." 

Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions, known as "great conjunctions" occur approximately every 20 years and they happen in the same element for a couple hundred of years before they change elements. The phase of great conjunctions occurring in the same element is known as a "trigon". For example, the conjunctions occurred in the element of earth since since 1802 except for the mutation into fire in 1821 (there is almost always a mutation or single conjunction in the previous element before changing completely into the next) until the final great conjunction in earth (Taurus) in 2000 are an earth trigon. The conjunctions remained in the earth elements until 1980 when there was a mutation into Libra. In 2000, the final conjunction occurred in Taurus and in 2020, it will take place in Aquarius and then will remain in the element of air for a couple hundred years.

Kepler illustrated it best in De Stella Nova:

Great conjunctions serve as big hands for the world clock. Trigons can measure out hundreds of years. To give an example of how much time can pass between trigons of the same element, the previous trigon in earth was around the time of the Battle of Hastings.

As it happens, major events in Bono's life happened during these great conjunctions or when transiting planets connected to his natal Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions. Jupiter and Saturn were conjunct (in different signs) in 1980 when U2 released their first album "Boy".  They released other notable albums afterwards but it was "Achtung Baby" that saw a change in style and musical direction. Reportedly, work on the album was fraught as tension between the band members ran extremely high. The album debuted at number one and was released when the transiting Uranus/Neptune conjunction of that year was nicely nestled between the Jupiter and Saturn of Bono's natal chart. In 1999, as Jupiter and Saturn again approached conjunction, Bono began stepping up his humanitarian work, in particular  campaigning to eradicate third world debt. As he was meeting major politicians all over the globe, the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction transited his natal planets in Taurus. The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction of 2020 will occur in Aquarius in his natal first house. Here's betting he yet again steps up his humanitarian work perhaps using the latest technology to get his points across.

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