Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla was born on 10 July 1856  at midnight in Smiljan Croatia (Rodden Rating: B; Collector: Rodden) with Jupiter in Aries (like James Hetfield) and Saturn in Cancer. 

He was known for his futuristic inventions and for his contributions to the invention of the alternating current. Jupiter is opposite to Mars and forms a T square along his asc/des axis with a Sun-Saturn conjunction as its apex. Physically, Nikola  was very tall and thin, exceptionally stylish and groomed and very regimented in his daily schedule. Which seems to fit the T square.

Jupiter in Aries learners are fast, impulsive and competitive. In school, Tesla was known for over-working and pushing himself to the brink of ill-health, not unlike the fictional character of Victor Frankenstein who would also be labelled as a "mad scientist". In the 1931 movie, Frankenstein, it is Tesla's electric coils we see in the laboratory as the creature awakens.

Saturn in Cancer points to sensitivity to one's emotional state and to issues regarding the family. Tesla had run away from his family in 1878 around the time that transiting Saturn was conjunct his natal Neptune. As Saturn crossed his ascendant, he had a nervous breakdown after refusing to return to his home following his father's pleas. He did return to school to audit classes and eventually found himself in the employ of one Thomas Edison in June of 1884 as Saturn transited natal planets in Cancer and approached its return point. The following year, following a promise of $50,000 from Edison, Tesla redesigned the generators of Edison's company. Edison did not pay up and Tesla resigned immediately.

As Jupiter approached opposition to his natal Pluto, Tesla and Alfred S Brown formed Tesla Electric company in 1887. Several patent disputes would break out as transiting Jupiter opposed his natal planets in Gemini between Tesla and competitors Westinghouse and Edison. From the end of the 19th century as pile-up of planets occurred in Sagittarius, Tesla became know for breathtaking demonstrations of electrical power all in opposition to Pluto (which had yet to be discovered).

"Thunder from the released energy was heard 15 miles away in Cripple Creek, Colorado. People walking along the street observed sparks jumping between their feet and the ground. Sparks sprang from water line taps when touched. Light bulbs within 100 feet of the lab glowed even when turned off. Horses in a livery stable bolted from their stalls after receiving shocks through their metal shoes. Butterflies were electrified, swirling in circles with blue halos of St. Elmo's fire around their wings." 

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Small wonder then that Tesla has made such a lasting impression.

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