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John Wayne Gacy

John Wayne Gacy was born on 17 March 1942 at 00:29 in Chicago Illinois (Rodden Rating:AA; Collector: Rodden) with Jupiter in Gemini and Saturn in Taurus. 

If you follow my blogs then you know that I believe anyone can be saved from a life of crime. Even a serial killer like John Wayne Gacy whose crimes sorely try even the most compassionate soul's notions of forgiveness, atonement and redemption. He was convicted of 33 murders, burying 26 of his victims in the crawl space beneath his home and was sentenced to death by lethal injection which was carried out on 10 May 1994.

Where did it all go wrong and could astrology have helped this tragic life--and the lives of all those affected by his murders?

Astrology does not account for free will. For this reason, I have shunned making any sort of judgement on any natal chart. Transits and other factors indicate where an individual has made decisions and Jupiter and Saturn almost always point to the turning points. It is on these pivotal points that my astrological practice rests. I won't look at any chart and think "convict" or "fraudster"  so I'm not going to look at Gacy's chart and think "serial killer".

Having said this, my eyes are immediately drawn to a Saturn/Uranus conjunction on the dreaded fixed star Algol--on the descendant, drawing in Jupiter and Mars in Gemini by proximity. Intensity, duplicity, charm and eloquence all come to mind.

In a class of learners, pupils generally share the same Jupiter sign. Sometimes there are academic years that there are two signs of Jupiter but it is a straightforward exercise to work out which student is responding to which Jupiter learning style. Also--and here's a free tip for teachers--don't put pupils in alphabetical order. Put them in birth order--you have the data, use it. This way you can simply indicate which pupil has which Jupiter sign. And if you have to hide your astrology (as I did), you can just explain that you want to know who the youngest pupils and who the oldest pupils are. Even for non astrologers, this is a good idea. Children are educated by year group and there can be a full year's difference between the oldest and the youngest--that's a lot of time in the life of a child.

Gacy's problems are deeply rooted so let's look at early Jupiter and Saturn transits. The Jupiter and Saturn transits serve as building blocks for life and it is quite shocking, even for an experienced astrologer, to see how wonky Gacy's foundation was. Adding more blocks to a faulty foundation means the entire structure will eventually collapse. Examining the hard aspects of transiting Jupiter and Saturn is more revealing. The hard aspects of Jupiter will be in mutable signs (Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces and Gemini) whilst the hard aspects of Saturn will be in fixed signs (Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius and Taurus). 

At the age of 6, Jupiter in Sagittarius opposed its natal point in Gacy's chart and had crossed his ascendant. This is the age when children are starting to read this child. It's an important stage of learning for everyone but of particular import for Gacy as Jupiter opposed four natal planets (including Saturn) in the run up to its own opposition. A skilled astrologer (posing as a teacher) could have easily used astrological information to get the best out of those learners.

As it happened, during this transit Gacy was caught stealing from a local shop. His mother dragged him back to the shop so he could explain his actions and when his father heard about the incident, he beat the lad. And dad drunkenly called this child "gay" and said he was a "mama's boy."

So what does a child do when he is accused of being gay? At his first Saturn square a year later this child sexually assaulted a young girl just to prove he wasn't really gay. The same year, Gacy himself was molested. Transiting Saturn in Leo square a natal Saturn in Taurus gets attention whether they want it or not: and with Saturn in Taurus, there are often issues around sensuality and values.  As I wrote in "Growing Pains" about this particular milestone: "At about the age of seven, they may have witnessed severe loss of status: Dad went bankrupt, Mum lost her job, or a court case ruined someone’s reputation and that person can never raise their head again in public. The threat of having nothing terrifies Saturn in Taurus children, because they think losing money means losing face. Sometimes they’re so scared of losing everything that they hide their wealth from everyone else.  These are the people everyone thinks to be poor, but when they die, it’s discovered they’ve amassed a fortune." 

At his waning Jupiter square in Pisces, he was hospitalised for blackouts, missing vital learning opportunities. Another wonky block.

Adolescence is an important stage of development not only because of the physical changes but because of the neurological development. In July of 1953, Gacy had his first Jupiter return.

Gacy's high school teachers would have faced particular problems in educating that
year group. As I wrote in "Growing Pains":

Pupils with Jupiter in Gemini "can’t wait to get to secondary school to meet new people, new teachers and new subjects. They know that reading can take them places, and they eagerly consume books, ask for more, and the dutiful teachers keep giving them what they want because they are so happy to see such devotion to knowledge. When the pupils reach about the age of fifteen, their teachers suddenly realise that they are unable to analyse texts or apply precision to their science experiments, or they start to make careless mistakes in their maths work. It becomes apparent to teachers that these learners have spent their educational lives accumulating knowledge, but they lack the skills to sort out the valuables they need to do well on their exams. It’s like emptying out their metaphorical rucksacks only to find they don’t have a clue to where they’re going, where they’ve been or where they are at the moment. But they have exams to take, so teachers suddenly start cramming higher skills down their unwilling necks. Of course, some will just get on with it and see these skills as further additions to their rucksacks, but others will have learned not to take exams so seriously. Because these pupils are so versatile, either extreme is likely allow them to find employment. However, unless they are able to keep learning, these learners will just blow from job to job like tumbleweed in a ghost town."

Gacy's first Saturn opposition was in November 1955 meaning the time between the first Jupiter return and first Saturn opposition was very short--just less than 18 months.  It is estimated he missed a full year of education between the ages of 14-18. The potential of Jupiter in Gemini was not capitalised on and Gacy fell between the cracks of the educational system.  On top of this, Gacy's father continued to belittle and beat him.

And here is where this astrologer's heart breaks: What if the parents had an astrologer who could advise at this important time? This is where I say astrological intervention could have saved the lives of so many. I sometimes meet astrologers who won't work with the charts of children and whilst I do understand the concern about influencing a young person's life and shaping their future, I simply can't justify standing by and watching lives come to ruin. We can't just stand back and wait for troubled children"to grow out of it".

Gary's astrological story reads like a slow motion train wreck. At 18, at the next Jupiter opposition, he became involved in politics and indicated he did this to impress his father whose acceptance he had never felt. His father called him a "patsy". However, Gacy proved he could be a very successful fundraiser in true Saturn in Taurus style.

As Saturn approached its waning square, Gacy worked as a mortuary assistant and observed the embalming process. He slept on a cot behind the embalming room and admitted to climbing into the coffin of dead male teenager and molesting him. Transiting Saturn would have been on his natal Venus in Aquarius. The following year he married his first wife.

In 1966, as Saturn transited his natal New Moon in Pisces and Jupiter transited his natal Pluto, he scored a very good job managing three fast food restaurants and amassed a lot of money in true Saturn in Taurus style. He described these years as "perfect". He had a very good job, status and a young family. He even got what he wanted more than anything: his father's approval.

The happiness was short-lived because when the transiting Uranus/Pluto conjunction crossed his MC, he committed his first known sexual offences and in May 1968 he formally indicted for sodomy and his wife filed for divorce. Although he denied the charge, he was assessed and was found to have an anti-social personality disorder. Pluto opposed his natal New Moon when he heard that his father died of cirrhosis on Christmas Day 1969. He was denied compassionate leave to attend the funeral.

Following parole in 1970 (after serving 18 months of a ten year sentence), he declared he would never go to jail again.  Just before his first Saturn return, he was again charged with sexual assault. As it violated the terms of his parole conditions, he should have returned to jail--if the authorities had known about the previous conviction. Gary was very good at covering his tracks.

In August 1971, Gacy and his mother moved into the home where he would subsequently bury the bodies of his victims. He got engaged and remarried the following year as Saturn transited his natal Jupiter. He eventually returned to politics and became a parade director when he met First Lady Rosalyn Carter in the months following his 3rd Jupiter return in 1978.

And during all this time, he was raping and murdering teenaged boys and burying the bodies in crawl space beneath his house.

Gacy's first known murder was on 2 January 1972--just after Saturn had transited the natal Saturn/Uranus conjunction, smack on Algol and on his descendant. He stated that after the murder he had felt totally drained and the sexual aspect of the crime had made him realise that death was the ultimate thrill. As Saturn continued transiting his natal planets, Gacy continued carrying out murders. The six year span began as Jupiter opposed its natal position and then returned to it. Transiting Neptune is also implicated in this--which may help explain why he got away with the crimes for so long.

As Saturn transited his natal MC, Gacy was under intense suspicion and was being surveilled. Owing to retrograde motion, Saturn was again transiting his MC was he was convicted and the execution date set for 2 June 1980.

Gary remained on death row for nearly half a Saturn cycle and was executed by lethal injection on 10 June 1994--as transiting Saturn squared his natal Jupiter.

About the Astrologer 

Alex Trenoweth was voted Best International Astrologer, 2015 for her dynamic presentation on Astrology and Education. Her book, "Growing Pains" is an exciting development in astrology as it combines classroom teaching experience, sound research and the potential to have a positive impact on struggling adolescents, parents, teachers and those who have been labelled "at risk". For queries, consultations or syndications, please contact Alex via or leave a message in the comment section.

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