Monday, 7 December 2015

James Hetfield

Metallica lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist James Hatfield was born on 3 August 1963 at 16:16 in LA (Rodden Rating: AA; Collector: Taglilatelo) with Jupiter in Aries and Saturn in Aquarius.

Jupiter in Aries learners are not known for their patience--and they are fiercely competitive. As I write in "Growing Pains":  

"For learners with Jupiter in Aries, every lesson represents a race. It doesn’t matter to them if they haven’t practiced the objective beforehand. To them, every other pupil in the classroom is a competitor and they will do anything to avoid coming last. If failure appears imminent, they will either drop out entirely in shame, or they will resort to cheating like mad dogs. Fighting and jostling to gain a place in the dinner queue is not uncommon: these learners will resort to aggression if they think they are not fast enough."


"These learners are always ready to learn. They are not patient. When learning to read, they were probably frustrated by the primary school teacher’s insistence on learning to read aloud slowly and clearly, and writing neatly. To them, it’s all about getting to the finishing line. . .Very often they will hone in one skill in which they become unbeatable."

For James, the skill in which he became unbeatable was playing the guitar--and he started playing around the time of his first Saturn opposition at the age of 14. By the summer of 1981, a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction had fallen on the dispositor of Jupiter, Mars in Libra. Perhaps it was this boost in social energy that ignited his ambitions and had an influence on him answering a classified ad from Lars Ulrich and eventually forming Metallica. 

Dispositors (ruling planets) of Jupiter and Saturn can very often reveal information that is not obvious from the sign alone. Despite having a "bad boy" image, James is utterly devoted to his wife Francesca and credits her for helping him deal with his anger issues and supporting him during his rehabilitation stint in 2002 as both Mars and Jupiter transited natal planets in Leo. 

Metallica was inducted into the Hall of Fame on 4 April 2009 as the Moon transited these same planets and a Saturn/Mars opposition was on his natal Pluto/Chiron opposition--and Jupiter was transiting his Saturn.

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Alex Trenoweth was voted Best International Astrologer, 2015 for her dynamic presentation on Astrology and Education. Her book, "Growing Pains" is an exciting development in astrology as it combines classroom teaching experience, sound research and the potential to have a positive impact on struggling adolescents, parents, teachers and those who have been labelled "at risk". For queries, consultations or syndications, please contact Alex via or leave a message in the comment section.

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