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Christopher Walken

Christopher Walken was born on 31 March 1943 in Astoria New York (no time of birth) with Jupiter in Cancer and Saturn in Gemini.

As I've mentioned before, there is usually strong synastry between a fan and the object of their affection. I love Christopher Walken and would marry him in a heartbeat if he hadn't already been married to the lovely Georgianne since 1969. I will say he only married Georgianne because he hadn't met me yet.

Anyhow, I digress.

Christopher and I have the same degree of Jupiter, his Saturn is on my ascendant and his Moon in Aquarius sits on my natal MC. So you see, there's potential.

The son of a baker and actress, Christopher made his television debut in the 1950s. Interestingly, he was a lion tamer as a teenager which might be explained by his North Node in Leo (which is conjunct my natal moon by the way).

Jupiter in Cancer pupils need to care deeply about what they are learning. It's possible Christopher's successes in acting was down to strong family support (both of his brothers were actors too).

As I wrote about Jupiter in Cancer pupils:

"By the time they reach secondary school, Jupiter in Cancer learners are ready to discover what tools they can acquire to help them to be the helpers of humanity they want to be. Whether they come to view the school as a torture chamber or a sort of hospital where they can get better is largely down their own perceptions of their experiences— don’t let them blame the teachers. By the time they reach the age of fifteen, these learners will find it a challenge to work independently. They need to be with others to admire the other person, thus boosting their confidence, or to be admired so they can benefit from the same boost. Of course, exams are a solitary activity, but knowing they have helped someone else through the process gives them the confidence to concentrate on what they need."

But perhaps it is his Saturn in Gemini that shows more with his odd manner of talking and its deadpan delivery. Mercury functions with difficulty in Gemini. Again, from "Growing Pains":

"Imagine if Mercury, messenger of the gods, had sandals of lead rather than feathers. Instead of flying around delivering quick messages and frivolous gossip, his news is usually seriously important and stops everyone in their tracks. This Mercury is the one for whom the phrase “Don’t shoot the messenger” was intended. Saturn in Gemini has learned to keep his mouth shut."

Christopher's first significant film role was as the silent, introspective and tortured Vietnam vet in The Deerhunter, filmed during his second Jupiter return and for which he won and Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. He went on to star in the disastrous Heaven's Gate then blew everyone's mind with his intricate tap-dancing in Pennies From Heaven in 1981 which was filmed as a great conjunction in Libra was on his natal Neptune. His other dancing accomplishment, the video for Fatboy Slim's Weapon of Choice was filmed around the time of the next great conjunction in Taurus in 2000 just within orb of his natal Venus (actually the great conjunction that year was a triple conjunction along with transiting Venus). The video went on to win numerous awards in 2001.

As transit Jupiter opposed his natal Saturn in 1983, Christopher starred in my favourite film "The Dead Zone" about a teacher who nearly dies in a car crash, goes into a coma and re-emerges several years later with pretty impressive psychic powers. Christopher's natal planets in Aries opposed Stephen King's (on whose book the movie was based) planets in Libra. During the filming, transit Jupiter opposed Christopher's natal Saturn in Gemini and transited Stephen's natal moon by conjunction. Very often there is interesting synastry between an actor who portrays a character in a bio pic or an actor with an author. I'll be exploring this theme in my upcoming book, Mirror Mirror.

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