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Aileen Wuornos: An Unlovable Life

Aileen Wuornos was born on 29 February 1956 (time unknown) in Rochester Michigan with Jupiter in Leo and Saturn in Sagittarius.

Aileen's tawdry life is striking for the sympathy it has garnered in the aftermath of her execution on 9 October 2002. She has had four documentaries, a major film ("Monster" starring an unrecognisable Charlize Theron--who won an Academy Award for Best Actress for her portrayal), a couple of more minor films, an opera, a few books as well as several songs written as tributes to her.

Either you can look at her life and take it that everyone is fascinated by a female serial killer or you can set that aside and have a look at the astrology behind it all. Or you can be like me and get more determined to ensure children--and the damaged adults they become--get help when they need it.

Let's start with her Jupiter in Leo. As I wrote in "Growing Pains":

"These learners will not like situations where they might be presented in the worst light, but give them the opportunity to shine in the spotlight and you’ll never get them off the stage. In group work, the competition to be king of the classroom is high. Take advantage of this, but be prepared for the tears of the losers. This group will need to learn the value of sharing, equality and working together. "

Aileen's Jupiter in Leo is conjunct Pluto by only a few degrees. Conjunctions (as well as other aspects), "carry the energy" of the aspect as it transits.  This is some intense and powerful energy that is triggered off with every Jupiter transit.

Sadly, Aileen was abandoned by her mother as Jupiter transited her Saturn in Sagittarius. Although Aileen may not have been able to say it at the time, such an action by one's own mother is an embarrassment for a child with Jupiter in Leo, who has issues around accepting they are not really born of royalty. This was a child who wanted to be greater than her circumstances would allow. Aileen and her brother were adopted by their grandparents and Aileen claimed her grandfather had beaten her and sexually assaulted her. 

Sadly, I have worked with children who have been abused by those who are supposed to be looking after them. In my experience, these children are far too knowledgeable about sex far too early. They stand out like sore thumbs in the things they say and do. Over sexualised behaviour is one of the many things teachers are supposed to look out for when they are teaching a class of 30 pupils, dancing to the tune of Ofsted, marking their books and dealing with irate parents who treat them like cheap babysitters. In other words, Aileen's teachers may have noticed something was amiss but did nothing about it. Perhaps they had too many other things to do and simply didn't want to be involved.

Her protection ignored, Aileen began engaging in sexual activities in exchange for food, drugs and cigarettes around the time of her first Jupiter return at 11. Again, I have to wonder what kind of school she attended that the other children did not gossip about this--particularly a class of Jupiter in Leo learners who will do anything to get attention from anyone. Including disclosing secrets about what the other children are getting up to.

Add to the mix that her father was imprisoned at the time of her birth (she never met him). He had been convicted of sexual crimes against children and committed suicide just before her 13th birthday. Transiting Jupiter was conjunct her natal Neptune when she was raped by one of her grandfather's friends mid 1970. She gave birth to a son on 23 March 1971who was placed up for adoption as Jupiter and Neptune both transited her natal Saturn and Saturn opposed its own natal position. History was repeating itself: Aileen's mother had abandoned her one Jupiter cycle before.

Unbelievably, I have read accounts that seem far too keen at placing blame on Aileen's shoulders for her own sexual abuse and rape as a child. Anyone who knows anything about rape understands that it is not a sexual crime but one of power and control. It is meant to humiliate--and then use that humiliation to ensure the victim is unable to speak through embarrassment. There is a total loss of dignity in being raped. For a Jupiter in Leo child--one who has such immeasurable pride--to disclose such abuse goes a long way to demonstrate the trauma. I don't buy it that Aileen was attention seeking, lying or whatever excuses anyone wants to make for a society or justice system that can 1) ignore a child in danger or 2) blame a child for their own sexual assault. It makes me sad and angry that in modern times, we still expect children to have the ability to "grow out it" when they don't have the slightest clue of how to do this one their own.

Aileen dropped out of school after the birth of her child and after her grandfather kicked her out of the house when her grandmother died (of liver failure), she began working as a prostitute--during the time of her Saturn opposition. This is an intelligent girl who should have been encouraged to stay in school.

Jupiter and Chiron transited her natal Venus when the very attractive Aileen married a yacht club president in 1976. Saturn had transited her Uranus and Neptune was on her N Node. That same year she was in and out of trouble for drinking offences. In August that year, she inherited $10,000 when her brother died of cancer.  In a few months time, transit Jupiter in Taurus would square its natal position along with Pluto. 

The planet Jupiter in Leo is flashy and wants to be admired. To have Jupiter in Leo is to be big hearted and easily hurt by rejection. At its second waning square, the young Jupiter in Leo adult wants to buy the things they think will make other people look at them and go: "By God, there goes the Queen". And an ego as damaged as Aileen's has even more to prove. She bought a new car (along with other luxuries) with her inheritance and then promptly crashed it.

I read Aileen's life events after this and I just can't help but think of her wounded pride. I don't have too many doubts she drank and took drugs and stole to pay for the drink and drugs because she could not cope with the humiliation of being unlovable.

We know the rest of the story because of the movie "Monster". She hooked up with a gay lover around the time of her first Saturn return in 1986. Remember natal Saturn had been transited by other planets when she was abandoned and had given birth. There is loss and sadness attached to Saturn but for a well balanced personality, there is potential. For someone as badly damaged as Aileen, there can only be tragedy: early Jupiter and Saturn transits provide the foundation. If the foundation is unstable, eventually the whole structure collapses.

Transit Jupiter and Saturn/Neptune were in opposition with the probability that her progressed Moon was affected when she starting her killing spree. I have not done enough research into whether or not there is a difference between male and female serial killers but one might assume it would be more likely that a woman's progressed moon would be implicated in major life events.

In her one year crime spree, Jupiter had passed over her natal Uranus and transit Saturn was in opposition to these planets when she was arrested. Her lover was guaranteed immunity if she could procure a confession from Aileen.  A damaged Jupiter in Leo is only too happy to boast.

Aileen Wuornos was executed by lethal injection almost an exact Jupiter cycle later on 9 October 2002 as Pluto, in natal conjunction with Jupiter, transited her north node. "Monster" was made as Jupiter transited its natal position the following year.

Amazingly, Charlize Theron had her Jupiter conjunct Aileens' natal Venus and her Neptune on Aileen's natal North Node. Her portrayal of a serial killer not only earned her an Oscar, it brought compassion to the life of a woman who had come to believe herself to be unlovable.

About the Astrologer

Alex Trenoweth is an MA graduate of the Cultural Astronomy and Astrology course at Bath Spa University (2007) and has gained recognition as an outstanding schoolteacher for her tireless and innovative education of adolescents. Her unique expertise in both astrology and teaching, coupled with ground-breaking research, led her to her write Growing Pains, a book aimed at helping parents and teachers support and guide young people into maturity. Alex’s articles have appeared in astrological magazines across the globe and in addition to her many writing accomplishments, she was voted “Best International Astrologer, 2015” by the Krishnamuti Institute of Astrology in India for the energetic presentation of her original and thought-provoking investigation into astrology and education. As of October 2015, Alex is on a world tour, lecturing on a variety of astrological topics and is enjoying meeting other astrologers from different cultures. The articles on serial killers are a part of the case studies that will be presented in her next book due for release later this year.

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