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The Astrology of Crime in Adolescence

Clockwise from top left: Mary Bell, Eric Smith, Lionel Tate and Jordan Brown
In my book "Growing Pains," I examined the criminal profiles of Barry Loukaitis and Kip Kinkel and the crucial ages in the Jupiter-Saturn cycle. I am slowly working towards building up my case profiles of adolescents (children) who commit crimes in preparation for a follow up book. Sadly, it is not difficult to find suitable cases. The majority of  crimes committed by adolescents become Big News because of the shocking natures and viciousness involved. The case studies today are crimes committed by children who have had their first Jupiter returns but not their Saturn returns.

Case Studies

1. Of all the case studies, Mary Bell is probably the most well known (at least in the UK). On the 25 May, the day before her 11th birthday, she strangled a four-year-old boy in a derelict house. A few months later, she and a friend strangled another boy, a three-year-old and mutilated his body after death. Throughout her young life, Mary had been subjected to horrific emotional, sexual and physical abuse. She was convicted and sentenced indefinitely. In 1980, she was released and eventually given anonymity for life.

2. On 2 August 1993, thirteen year-old Eric Smith, who was tormented for his red hair, freckles, thick glasses and low-set ears, lured a four-year-old boy to a wooded area, strangled him then sodomised the lifeless body with a tree limb. During his trial, he was diagnosed with intermittent explosive disorder which caused him to react violently and unpredictably. He was convicted of second degree murder and given the maximum term available for juvenile murderers. He remains incarcerated.

3. On 28 July 1999, during the middle of the long school holidays, 12-year-old Lionel Tate picked up his six year old (much smaller) female playmate, body slammed her and put her into a headlock. The moves, which he had seen countless times on television wrestling (and his mother admitted she also ‘rough housed’ with her son as he was growing up), were delivered with such force the victim’s liver was lacerated and her injuries described by the prosecution team during his trial were “similar to those she would have sustained by falling from a three-story building.” For his crime, Tate was sentenced to life imprisonment, the youngest person in the US to receive this punishment. His full story here. Sadly, he went on to re-offend.

4. On 20 February 2009, eleven-year-old Jordan Brown allegedly shot his father’s heavily pregnant fiancĂ©e execution style while she slept then boarded the bus to school. Both mother and baby died. Jordan was initially charged as an adult but in subsequent hearings, he was judged to be delinquent and cannot be held in custody past his 21st birthday in August 2018. He may be re-tried before then.

The Astrology of Adolescence

As horrible and shocking as these crimes may be, one cannot forget that these are children whose brains were in the major stage of development: the crucial time just after the first Jupiter return but before the Saturn opposition.

The table below examines the dates of these important astrological significators (also including the first Ptolemaic transit by an outer planet, Uranus sextile Uranus). The column on the far right, the ‘time lapsed’ column, is the amount of time between the first Jupiter return and final Saturn opposition. Note also, the murders in each case were committed before the Jupiter sextile (after the first return) and the first Uranus sextile. An astrologer might expect the crimes to be committed afterwards when the boundaries set for adolescents (around the age of 14) are really pushed before the big shot of Saturn a year or so later. However, all of the case studies here have triple hits of the first Uranus sextile.

Birth details

Time lapsed
Eric Smith
(intermittent explosive disorder)
22 January 1980
Jupiter in Virgo, R
Saturn in Virgo, R
Jupiter Return
Oct ‘91
Mar ‘92
June ‘92
2 Aug’93
Jupiter Sextile
May ‘94
Aug ‘94
Oct ‘94

March ‘94
July ‘94
Dec ‘94
Saturn opposition
1 Mar ‘96
4 ½ years
Mary Bell
(abusive childhood)
26 May 1957
Jupiter in Virgo
Saturn in Sagittarius, R
Jupiter Return
Oct ‘68
25 May ‘68
31 July ‘68
Jupiter Sextile
Dec ‘68
Uranus Sextile
Dec ‘68
Jan ‘69
Sep ‘69
Saturn Opposition
June ‘72
3 years 9 months
Lionel Tate
(severe behaviour—15 suspensions from school)
30 January 1987
Jupiter in Pisces
Saturn in Sagittarius
Jupiter Return
May ‘98
Sept ‘98
Jan ‘99
28 July ‘99
Jupiter Sextile
June 2000
Uranus Sextile
Feb ‘02
Oct ‘02
Dec ‘02
Saturn Opposition
May ‘01
3 years
Jordan Brown
(set for re-trial in 2015)
7 August 1997
Jupiter in Aquarius, R
Saturn in Aries, R
Jupiter Return
April  ‘97
Aug  ‘97
Dec  ‘97
20 Feb ‘09
Jupiter Sextile
Apr ‘11

Uranus Sextile
April ‘12
Oct 2012
Feb ‘13
Saturn Opposition
Oct ‘11
4 ½ years

The Science

It can clearly be seen astrologically that the children are in the midst of adolescence when they committed their crimes and therefore are not responsible adults. Recent scientific research on neurological development of the adolescent brain points to the fact that not only is this stage unique in the human life cycle but that adolescents are more prone to doing outrageous things. For example this quote:

Laurence Steinberg of Temple University explained why juveniles lack control.
"The teenage brain is like a car with a good accelerator but a weak brake," wrote Steinberg, who is considered among the foremost experts in the field. "With powerful impulses under poor control, the likely result is a crash."
Does that mean children (even adolescent ones) should be allowed to commit crimes without punishment? Absolutely not!

It is unfortunate I do not have a full picture of their lives up until their crimes. I would have liked to examine the other crucial ages in the Jupiter and Saturn cycles (the squares and oppositions). From experience and other case studies in my book “Growing Pains” the ages of 6, 7 and 9 are crucial ones in the lead up to adolescence. These ages serve as building blocks for life and to understand them is to have early indications as to how the rest of the life will unfold. With the exception of Jordan Brown, each child seems to have mitigating circumstances that could have affected neurological development (these are shown in parenthesis under their names in the table) in a negative manner.

What would the world be like if everyone understood this? Well no matter how hard we try, there will always be circumstances that undermine our best efforts: bullying, perceived personality conflict between pupil/parent and teacher and sudden unsettlements. And that’s where the adults in a child’s life needs to adult-up and Be. The. Saturn. It isn’t the school’s problem and it sure has hell shouldn’t be up to the government to punish and/or set limitations on children.

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